About Me

Have you ever felt compelled to do something but you just weren’t sure how or what to do? Well that’s how this blog came about.  God led me to do this new thing and I thank Him.  I’ve had the name down for a while Grace Full Women but just wasn’t sure what to do with it but I’m beginning to get the picture. It starts here, with this blog, for women looking for truth, women wanting to be themselves, free from hiding behind the masks they are forced to wear in this world.

For years I lived behind masks to please everyone around me and I lost my true identity. Upon discovering who I really am in Christ about 4 years ago, I  felt a calling to teach women the truth I discovered.  Jesus has freed me to be real and transparent because who I am is pleasing to Him. If I am pleasing to Him then it really doesn’t matter if everybody else doesn’t like the real me. Since I’ve shared this with others lives have changed just like mine.

The purpose of this blog is to teach women their true identity, bring them together in unity and sisterhood and encourage them to live their lives as the women God created them to be.

I’ll write devotions, basics to understanding God’s grace, your identity, and if you’ll write me we’ll discuss subjects you want to know about. Eventually I hope this website will become a resource for women wanting to teach others about the extraordinary love, mercy and grace of God.

Come and celebrate the exchanged life, explore the new life in Christ and learn to exhale along the way. Join me on this journey of living the life of a Grace Full Woman.

In the midst of all this new life God has opened new opportunities for me. I’m now a staff writer for Christian Women Online Network check it out here. My life coaching business is picking up and I recently wrote a biography for a wonderful family from California and I’m teaching a new Bible study. His plan and purpose continues to unfold and I am so thankful He uses me for His kingdom.