Grace Full Women

I have spent many years of my Christian life trying to make myself into this picture perfect Christian I thought God and everyone else expected me to be. I was taught what was expected of me as soon as I became a believer. I misunderstood many teachings and became a moderate legalist. The teachings I learned became an important part of my spiritual belief system. There is no one to blame but myself because I didn’t question even those things I thought didn’t add up. We are told in God’s Word that the first church examined the Scripture for themselves and this is where I fell short. Sure I studied because I taught Bible study groups and gained much knowledge because of it, but I missed many wonderful truths.

Somehow I thought after I became a follower of Jesus I had to do every thing right to keep Him happy with me, to make Him love me, to gain His approval and that of other people. Can you imagine how many times I failed? Over and over again, which led me to feel like just that, a failure. Feeling like a failure often makes a person want to give up trying instead of pushing forward. I often gave up but kept up appearances so no one would know I had failed.

What I didn’t understand was that it was Christ in me that gave me what I needed to live the Christian life. There was nothing I could do to live it. Once I learned that it was about abiding in Him and allowing Him to live in and through me I was able to enjoy being a child of God. I was able to accept who I was in Christ and how much The Father valued and loved me. It was life changing.

My days are not so much filled with striving and working anymore in order to please God. He is pleased with me. His love never changes, never weakens or strengthens based on what I do or what I don’t do. There is freedom in Christ. No, it is not a license to sin as some say but it is freedom to love and be loved by an incredible, extravagant, holy God. It is freedom to be the woman He created me to be and I really like this Gracefull Woman.

Remember for daily encouragement and spiritual refreshment just come on in, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of ice water and sit a while with me. Rest and be refreshed and know you are accepted and loved.