Loving Your Best Friend and Why It is a Tragedy

Loving Your Best Friend

Have you ever fallen in love with someone or something and you know that there is a difference in loving someone and being in love?

Love is something that can make you feel independent and when you become romantic though, you seem to make different choices. What love isn’t is the idea of being infatuated with someone or being in love with love.

Maybe you are someone that hates casual dating and most of your relationships come from being friends first.

You may even be someone that fell in love with your best friend, and you didn’t even realize it was happening to you.

Chances are that you met this person and that you had an instant connection. You may have even made a fast or wild move with them. You may have kissed them or told them you liked them before you even got to know them.

Then, from that moment on, they become one of the best friends that you have ever had. They do things with you, stay over, take trips and vacations with you and you find that you want to spend all of your time with them.

You never talk about how you feel for each other and maybe he is even someone that dates a lot of other people but somehow you still feel such a strong connection with them. You might even be a constant in their life, and you might feel that you understand them better than anyone else.

You tell each other you love them, but this is because your friendship is strong. These words might not have even clicked with you. As your relationship grew, you realize that you have never had this kind of relationship with anyone else.

Once you realize though that you have strong feelings and that love and friendship might seem to overlap, it creates a place that is often hard to deal with.

There is an advantage to loving someone that is your best friend even though most people seem to avoid this kind of love. This is a natural love that is never purposeful. Once you realize you really love this person, really, really love them, it might be too late.

You know them better than you know anyone else and there are no games or moments where you make each other feel bad. You don’t let anything keep you apart and you feel excited when you are together. You are bonded by things beyond sex and dating but you are just happy to be with each other.

He is someone that makes you feel that you are at home. The truth is thought that life usually doesn’t end with friendships being romantic and even if there is a strong chemistry, what happens when they are together?

Finding a way to be friends and to be romantic is not easy. Love is not easy to define and being in love with someone sets a whole new situation than being best friends. There is a pressure that comes with love because it is so hard and complicated.

Dating Others

Once this happens, you might find that you try to date other people but that your relationships are never really happy. You may be jealous when your best friend dates other people, but you choose not to talk about it.

You never let the other know about your feelings and you never let them put distance between you because you are best friends. You see each other and you are always comfortable together. You can be together and never say a word and know exactly what the other is feeling.

Then the moments of love might come crashing down again on you and you might miss them when they aren’t with you, even more than you will ever admit. You might be scared of your feelings that you have for them because you are afraid that they will not love you back and you will ruin something.

You should have strong love and friendship with someone. You should have strong feelings for someone that you are used to being around and someone that you don’t have to compete with. Life would be so much easier if you were able to fight fair with someone and love them and be happy with them.

No story of love is the same and no one has the same ending. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is bad. A best friend can be your lover but when you have to put it together, it is hard to tell them that you love them.

Once you recognize that you really love your best friend, it might be hard for you to face it and hard for you to know what to do next.

This kind of love doesn’t compare to anything else. As your friendship and your love grows, you might just wait to see what happens but refuse to give up that it is a real chance.

You may end up together someday but if the day isn’t today, learn to have fun, accept each other, and enjoy the time that you get to spend with someone that you love and is your best friend.

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