Male Sigma Traits Defined

Male Sigma Traits Defined

There are many people that divide males into two different categories such as alpha and beta males. Many people forget about the sigma male though who doesn’t tend to fit in any of the categories.

The alpha and the beta male are completely different where the alphas are strong personalities, leaders and tend to attract to anyone and the betas are people that like to be by themselves, are followers and they don’t make waves when something needs to be done.

What happens when there is a guy that doesn’t fit into the alpha or the beta category? Where does he belong?

When you find guys that don’t fit those two personality types, you might have a hard time of finding out where they fit in the social hierarchy.

Here is a way that you can understand the stigma personality.

What is a Stigma Personality?

A man that has a stigma personality is one that is both introverted but also someone that is a leader and has their own thoughts and values. This kind of person does not hide but will stand out, even if they are quiet.

A person with a stigma personality does not believe in social norms but will do whatever they want to and is very independent.

Definition of Stigma male

The term “stigma male” was written by Theodore Robert Beale in 2010 and he wrote about this in his relationship book. He talked about women wanting to be with this kind of personality type and the fact that stigma men live their own lives, their own way.

A stigma male can have different personalities that both the alpha and the beta male have but they also have their own personality traits as well.

This kind of male doesn’t always want to be the center of attention and they will not often approach a woman first because they don’t want to be seen. They are people that seem boring at first but later you will see that they are exciting and amazing to be around.

This personality type is very self-sufficient and so they don’t care what other people think about them. Some might even call them black sheep.

The stigma male is often seen as sexy but is hard to get to know because they stay in their own bubble, and they don’t approach others very often.

Being a Stigma Male

The stigma male can be tested by different traits. If you can relate to more than half of the traits listed, then chances are that you are stigma male.

But if you have more than four of the traits then you still might be a stigma male.  Here is what to look for:

Do your Life Being Alone?

If you were given the choice to spend time by yourself in the country or to go to the best party in the city, what is the answer you would give?

Enjoying your own company means that you will always pick a place that is calm over something that is crowded and wild.

Believing in Yourself

Many people have too much confidence, but the truth is that you only believe in yourself because you know that you can succeed. You know that you will do what you should be doing.

If you set your mind to get something done, you will do your best to do it and you will be confident in what you do.

Personal Goals

Do you have goals that you want to actually reach? You aren’t someone that just thinks about them but someone that actually works to make them happen.

Goals do not always work to make you love someone they are just there to help you to plan out your life. Do you have a five- or ten-year plan already set?

Alone or Team Player?

Are you a person that doesn’t rally enjoy team playing? Do you like to do things alone and feel that you are more productive when you do your own thing?

Maybe you are someone that doesn’t do well as a team player because you know that people don’t always do their best in teams, and you don’t like to give into things you don’t want to do.

Being a Stigma Male

Do you want to be a stigma male? If so, you have to not worry about what other people think about you and you have to stop going out of your way to try and please everyone else. Instead, you have to learn to focus on who you are and what you need in your life.

Being a stigma doesn’t mean that you are selfish but most of them will put themselves first because they want to work on things, and they know that their personality will make things happen.

If you are an omega male, then you can change into a stigma male by putting other traits into your personality.

Knowing a Male Stigma

If there are men around you and you want to know what kind of personality that they have, you need to look at their normal way of living.

You will see that a male stigma will do things differently and you can normally notice them in a crowd. Even though a stigma man is sometimes a loner, they stand out and they are easy to be attracted to. Some people believe that a stigma male is one that is like an alpha but will not be an alpha.

He is someone that doesn’t like to be noticed and he doesn’t like to get a lot of attention. He won’t talk much, and he will always want more in his life.

If you have ever met a stigma guy, you know that they can be hard to understand sometimes.

Traits of a Stigma

A stigma male is like a mystery, but they will be men that are often out of social circles. They depend mostly on themselves, and they rely less on other people.

There are some big signs that can show you if you are around a stigma male. Even though they are often alone and don’t really like to talk to a lot of different people, if they are interested in you then they will let you see who they are.

Here are some stigma traits:


These people are independent, and they do not really need you around. They will not ever be influenced the way that other people do things because they have their own way.

They are dominate and they will not follow traditions or be bothered by social norms or popularity. They don’t’ care about fitting in and they will not be a people pleaser.

These men like to be alone, and they like to do things on their own.


Stigma men know who they are, and they know that they are different than other people. They let the world go around them and they think about things that are important in their life.

This kind of man hates drama, and they think about everything they do. They live inside of their own heads, and they do what they can to be the best that they can be.

Stigma men do make bad choices sometimes but when they do, they learn from their failures and start over.

Quiet Type

The stigma man is not a big talker, and they will not go out of their way to talk to you. They will not give you compliments or will do small talk.

This doesn’t mean that they don’t think of things or have things to say, they are just introverts, and they like to have silence and not be noticed.

If a stigma does start talking to you then chances are they like you and you need to listen to the meaning of what they are telling you. Always allow them to say what they want because they are serious, and they will think what they are going to say before they say it. He is not shy, even if he is quiet.


One personality trait of a stigma is that he is very intelligent. He will do what he can to become better and he will normally be educated and intelligent.

The stigma will analyze everything and will learn from things he does. He will ask many questions and he will answer things in the way that he feels fit.

These people learn fast, and they are popular because they are so smart, even if they don’t want to be.


A stigma will be introverted, and they are not the nice guy that goes by the book. He will be someone that does his own thing and follows his own rules.

Some believe these people do not live by the moral code and they will get in trouble for things that they do even though they don’t feel wrong about it.

These people challenge the principals of other people, and they don’t like rules.

Being Alone

The stigma likes to be alone, and they like to blend in with the crowd. They don’t want to be popular and even if he has friends, he only goes with people that understand him.

This guy will find very few people important, and he will want to be able to form friendships that he finds important.


The stigma is one that takes care of others, and you can always count on them when they say they will do something. They will never give up and they will do whatever they set their mind to.

This kind of person knows how to take care of himself and those that he loves, and he is capable of fixing things and organizing things.

He will give you advice that you should listen to and if you need him, he will come no matter what he is doing but he might not be happy about being bothered at a late hour.

Strong and Charismatic

The way that the stigma male acts and responds with his charisma is something that will cause him to stand out and to be interesting.

Even though he is very smart he is still introverted, and he has to develop his social skills as he lives his life. He will learn to be empathetic with others and he will know how to connect with other people.


The stigma is a confident male. He wants people to know that he is strong, and he knows he has worth. He will not want to convince you to like him because it is a waste of his time.

He has strong self-esteem, and it isn’t from other people approving of him, but it is because he is confident, and he does his own things.


The personality of the stigma attracts others and especially women. Most girls will think that the stigma is a bad boy, and they will want to be challenged by him.

Stigma men do not act hard to get and they are really hard to get. But if they like you, it will be the choice that they make and not yours.

Strong Leaders

A stigma male makes a good leader because if they are wrong, they find a way to fix it. Even though alphas often are the ones that people trust, the stigma will do what he has to do to get the job done.

He is someone that is a born leader, and he doesn’t have to show off his skills to be a leader. He has talents to make things happen and people listen to him.

People often trust the stigma because they know what they are doing and because they are confident and charismatic. He will be friends with people for a long time, but he would not like to take orders from others. Stigmas are often self-employed because they don’t want to listen to rules and have to take orders from other people.

They Adapt

Some believe that the stigma is a hypocrite, but the truth is he adapts to whatever he has to do.

He will not change what he feels but he will be able to work in any situation. The stigma can do whatever he is told and even if he leaves, he will find his way back home. He is very versatile, and he can do whatever it takes to adapt to different situations.

Puts Things Important First

The stigma does not just care about himself because he is not selfish. He puts himself first but when he needs to take care of things, he will do it. Stigmas don’t want to please others, but they are strong and will sacrifice themselves to help others to be happy.

The stigma loves relationships, but he knows that a relationship is built on being strong.


The stigma has strong values, and he follows them. He doesn’t do things just because someone asks him to, but he is smart, and he will question things in his life. He will not change his thoughts or opinions because someone wants him to.

This kind of man doesn’t need to be validated he only has to work to do what he wants to do when he wants to do it.


If you have a friend that is a stigma then you know that they will be there to help you when you need them. No matter what they are doing, they are reliable and will be there and you can always count on them.

This is true with someone that is your boyfriend or just your friend. He will take care of you and not ever tell your secrets. Stigmas will make mistakes, but they will admit they were wrong, and they will be trustworthy for you.

Taking Risks

The stigma will be someone that doesn’t play it safe, and they always take risks. They will not be afraid to step out of their personality and do what they want to do.

They are not cowards, and they will work hard to make sure that they are happy. They will take risks and when he believes he wants something or should do something, he will do it. He wants to do things right but if he makes a bad choice, he will fix it.


The stigma has a strong character, and he will live his life the best that he can. He has emotions but he doesn’t show them to everyone, and he doesn’t allow his emotions to control him.

When he decides to do something, he makes the decision, and he does it and he gives his all. He will not be broken by others, and he will make sure that he doesn’t worry about what he should do next, and he will not show you, his sadness.

He will be stronger when he fails, and he will learn to come back even more powerful than he was. When things are great, he will still work hard.

Some believe the stigma bottles up their emotions but even if he is sensitive, he doesn’t tell everyone about it nor will he hide his feelings. He does what it takes to be happy and to be strong.


The stigma is self-aware of who he is. He is someone that will overthink things a lot, but he will make moves that he has to make, and he is never insecure.

He is someone that knows what he is bad at, and he works hard to figure out a way to do things better. He will know if you are a good person, and he loves someone that is truthful and honest.

He knows that people are often fake, and he will know if you are lying to him or not.


The stigma will be stubborn and persistent when he wants something. He will never fail at what he is doing, and he will do whatever it takes to fight for what he wants.

He faces obstacles head on, and he will not change who he is or change just because someone wants him to.


The stigma is a gentleman, and he has good manners. He knows how to treat other people with respect, and he was brought up to be kind and loving.

He will not flirt the way other people do and he doesn’t like to be around people that are inappropriate. He likes to date others, but he is old-fashioned and likes to do things like open doors for women.

Instead of messaging and texting, he will call you to check on you and he doesn’t like to play games. He will take you out to dinner or give you a candle light dinner at home, buy you flowers and ask you what you like to do.

With a stigma, you will feel like you are spoiled and a real princess because he will do what he can to make you feel special. He won’t hit on you like other people do but he will do what he can to find you interesting and to tell you interesting things.

He will not want to have sex with you when he meets you and he will be honorable to you and will never go against his own morals.

Good Things About Being a Stigma

People often think that the alpha male is the way to go but a stigma guy is the best that you can get and here is why:

Being a Stigma is a Great Choice

A stigma is not someone that wants attention, and he is an introvert. He can have the attention if he wants, he just feels it’s a waste of time.

Treating People Equally

He will treat people in an equal way, and he likes all people. He doesn’t care if you are rich or poor or who you are he only cares if you are a good person and if you are honest.


He will listen to you no matter what you have to tell him. He will give you his undivided attention and he will always listen to what you feel and think.

He is interested in what you are going to say, and he is aware of who he is. He looks at things differently than other people do, and he will be happy to give you advice.

Many people love to be friends with stigmas because they don’t judge them, and they care about what they want and need. When they are your friend, they are there to care about you and love you no matter what is going on in your life.

The stigma will never be too tired to hear from you and he will always be there when you need him.

Takes Care of Himself

The stigma doesn’t depend on others to take care of him, and he takes care of himself. He can do whatever he need to do.

If you date a stigma, he will take care of you as well. He will be there to love you and he will accept you like he accepts himself.

He is not dependent on others in his emotions or in his finances and he knows how to do what he needs to do. He can provide for his family, and he will be there as long as you are who you say you are.

He will be there to love you and he will marry you because you are honest and a good person. If you are dating a stigma, he wants to spend his time with you because he trusts you.


The stigma is a male that is free. He doesn’t care what other people think of him and he is true to what he believes in. He will follow his morals no matter what others think. If he loves you, he will tell you and you will never wonder what he is feeling.

At the same time, he doesn’t like people to try to control him and this will cause him to leave you.

Cons of Being a Stigma

There are also cons of being a stigma such as:

Terrible Social Skills

Stigmas often have a hard time meeting people and not because they are insecure but because they are very secure. They will not always care about what you think or what your ideas are.

He will want to form his own opinion and he will only care what people super close to him thinks. He will not want to be validated by you and he will never waste time trying to impress you.

He doesn’t care about talking much and he doesn’t care to meet new people. He like the people in his life and he will not want to have to go to events and meet a bunch of new people.

When he goes to a party or a get together, he doesn’t want to be the life of the party and he has to be in a mood to have fun.

Alone Time

The stigma likes to be alone in his life and he doesn’t have to have others around him to be happy. He might not ever even get married and if he does, it will be someone that he really trusts and is close to.

This guy doesn’t love to socialize, and he doesn’t make many friends. He doesn’t belong to groups, and he doesn’t go out with his coworkers for late night drinks.

Even though he makes a great friend, it takes a lot to win him over because he doesn’t like to put himself out there.

What Do Stigma Males Like?

Stigma males like women that will want to know what is important in life. He likes girls that will give him space and not drama.

He is confident and he doesn’t negotiate what he wants.


If you are with a stigma then you better be committed completely to him. He will not want casual sex and he will be attracted to girls that do not play games or send out mixed signals.

He will not be one that will listen to your nonsense, and he doesn’t want to be in one relationship to the next.

He will not put you down if you make choices different than him but if you do, he will likely be with someone else. He doesn’t get jealous, and he doesn’t like to play games.

He will let you go if you want to go and he won’t try to hold you back but if this happens, he will never get you back again. He will not cheat, and he will not expect you to flirt or to be with other guys.

This guy is not going to be possessive about you, but he knows what he wants, and he will have it.


The stigma is a different kind of man, and he is one that is kind of like an outcast. He will be different, and he will look for girls that are different so that they can be different together. He likes girls that stand out and he wants to be with someone that knows what they want in life.

Girls that do their own thing are the ones that he is attracted to, and he doesn’t like girls that follow the crowd and the trends.

Remember that he goes with the flow, and he will not follow social norms. He likes being different and even though you might think he is a bit ridiculous; he will not change because you want him to.

Hates Neediness

The stigma will never be with you if you are needy or clingy. He likes to spend time with people he likes but if you are obsessed with him then he will not be part of your life.

You can chase him away right away by being clingy and you need to make sure that you give him space to do his own thing.

He will want to have fun and you might enjoy spending time with him but sometimes he neglects the feelings of others because he does his own thing. He won’t really neglect you, but he will not always be the one that goes out of his way to ask questions or to find out what you are feeling.

You have to take time to cool off if you are fighting and make sure that you are doing your best to be who you are. He will never find you boring if he picks you but if he doesn’t like you or finds that you don’t fit with him then he will breakup with you and do whatever he wants to do.

If you become clingy, he will leave you faster than you can imagine him to. You need to act like you have sense and be an adult if you want the relationship to work.

Changing Him

You will never change a stigma and so if you think you will then you might as well move on right away. You will not see him playing hard to get and if he wants you, he will get you.

You have to accept him for who he is and what he believes in and if you don’t then move on.

The stigma will love you more than anything, but he will never change who he is or what he wants for you no matter what.


A stigma is not a perfect person, and he has his own problems and flaws, but he is also a great person to get to know. He has deep feelings and thoughts, but you just have to work harder to figure him out.

Once you meet a stigma then you will find that he is a winner and that even though he is hard to get to know, once you do get to know him then you will be blessed that he is in your life. A stigma is definitely worth the time and trouble to get to know.

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