Working with the Law of Attraction

Working with the Law of Attraction

If you believe that the universe is there to help you then you probably believe in the Law of Attraction of the LOA. This is an idea that you can get what you desire by manifesting positive thoughts.

The Law of Attraction is defined as, “A philosophy that claims a person’s thoughts determine what their reality is. The person can attract whatever they are thinking.” When you see your reality, you are able to put your thoughts and your emotions into it. This allows you to manifest things back to your life.

The LOA is something that many people have believed in and the concept has been back for years and years. Many even believe that the LOA was invented by Buddha but it is practiced in different religions all over the world.

The Law of Attraction says that if you believe in the concept then you will be able to practice it and make it work out for you.

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

The Law of Attraction is about what is going on in your life. If you are in a job or you are in a relationship, it has come to you because of how you are thinking. It can be good or bad, but this all has to do with your thoughts. Notice how you are thinking and how your reality works with your thoughts. Are you thinking positively? Whatever thoughts come to your mind is what you are manifesting. Each thing that attracts itself to you comes to you because of how you thought or how you responded to certain thoughts at some point in your life.

Focusing on a certain thing or a certain idea or a certain purpose allows you to increase your vibrations. When this happens, it can bring this same thing back to you. The thoughts that you have is what the universe is reacting to. If you are remembering something that happened yesterday or you want to think into your future, the vibrations that you send out into the universe are part of the Law of Attraction.

Using the Law of Attraction

Understanding the LOA helps you to be able to use it. Each person uses this technique differently, but it can help you. If you have never thought of the LOA before and you are new at it, there are things that you can do to let this benefit your life.

Here are some ways to use the Law of Attraction:


Meditation is one of the best ways that you can use the Law of Attraction. When you meditate each day, it allows you to clear your mind and to be more positive. You can meditate any way that you want and there is no wrong way to do this.


Journaling your feelings and your thoughts can help you to remember what you are feeling and why. Write down the things that you want and the things that you are thankful for. By being thankful, you can increase your vibrations and your positivity.

Making Goals

Anyone who wants to see the LOA work for them has to set goals. Start with small goals and then reach for larger goals. Write the goals down in your journal and set your expectations.


Imagine what you want to happen to you. Let your emotions guide you and allow your feelings to come to you. Think of something that you want and something that makes you feel good. Think about how much you really want something and get rid of the thoughts that aren’t helping you succeed.

Positive Affirmations

After you decide what you want in your life, say positive things. Positive affirmations can be very powerful and once you start saying them, you will feel better and take away things that are limiting you.

Why Use the Law of Attraction?

There are different reasons that you might want to try using the Law of Attraction such as:

You Might Get Lucky

Some people use the LOA, and they are able to manifest things that they want in their life. They change their mindset, and they learn to think positive. Think about a time you really wanted something, and you became positive about it and you got what you wanted and what you needed.

Ground Yourself

Take time to make sure that you are grounded. When you are grounded you are healthier and this will help you to realize what you are thinking and what you are sending out into the universe. Let your energies flow through you and manifest good things in your life.

Why Using the Law of Attraction Might Not Help You

The LOA has some disadvantages as well as advantages. Here are some of them:

Attracting Negative Things

The Law of Attraction works both positively and negatively. You can bring negativity in your life and attract it just like you can positivity. If you are thinking negatively then negative things will grab your attention. Be careful what you are thinking and feeling.

LOA Isn’t Magical

The LOA isn’t a magic trick. This is something that takes time and effort to make it happen. If you feel upset and mad, you aren’t going to attract good things. If you are poor and you have a bad attitude about money, you will attract negativity about money.

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