Selfish People Can Never Really Love You


People often wonder what it means when someone says true love. People in today’s world look at love in a different way and they try to put a quantity on someone or how they act. Characteristics and actions cannot be labeled by anyone, and it is hard to look at love and to really define it because each person is in a different kind of situation, and it never looks the same.

What Does the World Say About Love?

Once you look past what the world and society say about love, you can find out if someone really is in love with you or if they really aren’t. You can learn to interpret what love means to you and find out what you think true love really means.

Putting Yourself Second

Sometimes when you think about love, it means that you are willing to put your own thoughts and needs second and help someone else. You put the happiness of your partner in front of your own happiness and sometimes you think this is love.

Love is Compromising

The truth is love should be something that has to do with compromising, and it is something that is giving and taking. Love is not just about sacrifice. When someone says that love hurts, chances are that it hurts because people are giving love as a one-sided thing. Real love can never be one sided.

If someone is not willing to give and compromise, they will never be able to give their partner what they need. They will never be able to give completely of themselves. These kinds of situations cause people to feel confused and wondering about why they are feeling a certain way.

Compromise is something that is not one sided and both people in the relationship have to be able to give and take. This is something that can give happiness to both people in the relationship. Good relationships are based on give and take and not take and take and take.

Giving Your Heart to Someone Else

You have to be willing to give your heart but so does your partner if you want the relationship to really work out for you. Once you give your heart to someone, it can be a person that you realize was wrong for you. Maybe you have given your heart to the wrong person over and over again and you don’t understand what is going on.

Being in Selfish Love

Sometimes people are in situations where one person is willing to give their all and the other person is selfish and doesn’t want to give much into the relationship. When this kind of relationship happens, it is selfish and there can never be real love in that situation.

Giving Your All

When you are with someone, you should be willing to give them your physical self and your emotional self. But make sure that you are not the only one giving and that you are not giving too much. You should never do things for people just to get something back, but you should always be waiting for someone to do things for you when you are in love with them.

Things Are Not Always Equal

When someone loves you, they will help you and give to you. They will be willing to compromise, and they will be willing to do for you the same things that you do for them. This doesn’t mean that things will always be the same or that things will always be equal, but it does mean that one person isn’t always the one that is giving and the other person the one that is always taking.

Building Your Relationship

It is important to understand give and take and make sure that you are building the best relationship that you can build. Build a relationship that is good for both you and your partner and show them that love can be something amazing.

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