Make Him Fall in Love

Make Him Fall in Love

We all yearn to fall in love, but with someone who is motivating and makes our life better. This can be challenging when the love department has become difficult. This article seeks to explain what makes a man fall in love with a woman. Remember, love can be addictive emotionally. Too often we hold on to the wrong things or people because we want something. This leaves a woman chasing after a guy just trying to make him fall in love. Granted, it is impossible to “make” someone fall in love, but a little gentle push in the direction of love can help you bring love into the forefront.

Men look for a variety of things in potential mates, but above all, you must be yourself. Creating some fake personality or trying to be someone you are not will cause issues or create a barrier between you two. Men can tell when you are not being honest, so be upfront and satisfied with who you are from the beginning. The tips below will further his desire if you can remember to stay real.


Many men complain that women do not smile very often. When a woman never smiles, it is a turn off for a guy. Along the same lines, men do not appreciate an attitude of spitefulness, manipulation, or discord in general. Men prefer a woman with standards who remains pleasant to spend time with as she treats him with respect. Spread joy and love to get it back.


Be yourself because lies always come out in the end. If you feel the need to play a role, it is based in insecurity. Honor who you are and take power in being secure.


Too often, women are unclear or dishonest about what they want in a relationship. This may land you in a relationship that is not great, but the man sticks around because they are getting what they want without a relationship status. Set your standard up front and if he leaves, then he was not worth it. Who knows, he may come back at some point.


Confidence is important, but there is a fine line in attractive confidence and over-confidence. You want to avoid being conceited if trying to get him to fall in love, but men love confidence and a woman knowing her value. Know yourself, set standards, and stick to them with great confidence. Men want to feel they have won a prize after working for it. So, keep your standards clear and make him earn it.


Everyone has different opinions about sex, but if you are in a relationship long term, make him wait until you are sure. If you are considering casual sex, but it always leads to feelings, then do not have casual sex because it rarely leads to real love. Hold out until you both agree it is the right step to take. This places value on the relationship over physical things. It also assures values and goals are aligned before diving in head first.

Don’t be too Available

Having your own things and life is important. Men prefer a woman who shows passion toward something that also requires a time investment. It is important to set a standard for this so he values your time and does not wait for the last minute to make plans. While it is okay to cancel plans with others on occasion to be with your man, do not make it a habit. This gives him less of a chance to take advantage because your time is precious.

Praise Him

Men love praise. Tell him how good he looks, how smart he is, and how his ambitions turn you on. Men want the support of a woman beyond the superficial and complimenting him helps him know he has it.


A top way to help a man fall in love with you is to show him what you can be for him. He will find beauty in the things a woman does for him that have no benefit to her. Pay attention to what he says and incorporate it into your life when possible. Small gestures go a long way and builds partnership.


Men just want to be heard. They often complain women do all the talking, so it is important to find balanced conversations to help him fall in love. Be open with him and allow him time and space to share his feelings. Take time to ask him questions and listen to the answers.


Show him you can be trusted by staying positive when it comes to speaking about others. Do not share all you know about everyone because he will wonder if you do the same about him.

Make Him Love Your Authenticity

Love makes us feel better and happier, even though we cannot force someone to fall in love with us. It is important to weed out those relationships that are only temporarily making you feel good and set higher standards. Work for a relationship that feels right in your heart, with no games being played. There is no point chasing someone who doesn’t want to be caught. Remember, relationships tend to come and go, but you need to stay true to yourself throughout. Learn from what does not work and go forward to something better.

Make Him Love Your While Dating

Every relationship is a test and will be tested. This is why standards are so important. When the challenges and tests arise, you must keep the lines of communication open in both directions. Show him you value him and respect him, but make sure you are also being respected. There is no need for yelling or insults, but do talk about things. Make sure you are not letting insecurities get the best of you and negatively affect your relationship. Pinpoint any problems and talk them out. This will help him to open up as well.

Make Him Love You After Breaking Up

Breaking up can be tough and heart-breaking. Do not let the breakup turn you into a victim because it takes two to make and break a relationship. Learn your lessons and take responsibility for your part in the separation. Make some personal changes and be honest with your man about those changes. Work on and focus on yourself and betterment and he may return, but even if he doesn’t you have made great strides.

Make Him Love You Forever

Love is beautiful with the right partner, but it requires work so we do not take it for granted. As we learn from the work, we put into ourselves and relationships, we start attracting those with similar values. When a man wants to be available for you, he will be and he will treat you the right way. Form a partnership with your man and he will love you forever.

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