Flaws that make you More Lovable ……and the reason we believe in individuals who are willing to show them.

Flaws that make you More Lovable

Your thoughts are maybe people love you regardless of your flaws and nob because of them. However, some of the flaws may be attractive than you think.

Below are 5 traits you might need to accept:

You easily get embarrassed. The event that precipitated our embarrassment is usually less than our visible signs. Some people sort to surgery to destroy the nerves responsible for blushing and sweating since they find these signs so humiliating. Most people find embarrassment more appealing regardless of the fact that it might be unpleasant to those experiencing it. Observers judged that participants who displayed more visible signs of embarrassment while recounting an embarrassing moment are more cooperative, trustworthy and generous and these observers were interested in spending time with them.

Embarrassment seems to signal that a person values relationships and is likely to be loyal and reliable rather than signaling weakness or lack of social skills. Embarrassment prone people seem more likely to remain faithful, that’s according to researchers they, therefore, may make good romantic partners.

You overshare. As much as revealing too much information to the wrong people in a wrong setting can be disastrous, oversharing isn’t bad when it comes to building relationships and deepening existing ones. Revealing personal information about oneself is an important way to develop closeness and intimacy according to Social penetration theory.

You like to gossip. Although they say that no one likes to gossip, the research suggests otherwise. Some gossips are geared towards protecting people from harm by warning them about dangerous people or situations while some types of gossips are clearly harmful. Sharing information about backstabbing friends, philandering partners serve a useful function although it might seem petty.

The fact that you’re sharing this type of “prosocial” gossip with others communicates that you care about them and trust them and can bring you closer. Sharing dirty gossips make you feel closer but are less likely to last when both parties starting being paranoid about what is likely to transpire to the next victim.  You need to be able to distinguish between useful and benignly entertaining forms from more destructive ones for your gossip to be considered as a good one.

You’re a klutz. Fear not if you’re someone who likes who has the habit of spilling drinks on yourself, having food on your face without knowing or tripping over your feet while attempting to dance. These qualities probably endure you to others that are according to both Lawrence and scientific research. A mistake here and there can make people feel comfortable around you and more likely to acknowledge their own mistakes.

You’re brutally honest. Too much honesty shows people can trust you to be straight with them, even if the truth is painful although it can get you into trouble. Individuals who express their feelings rather than say what they feel others want them to say tend to have happier and satisfying relationships. That’s according to research. Expressing how you feel may result in arguments although it will make your relationship stronger.

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