Reasons why we fall for Mr. Wrong

Reasons why we fall for Mr. Wrong

Low self-esteem has been given as the major reason ladies get attracted to Mr. Wrong. 2014 glamour survey indicated that over 50% of women are not happy with their bodies, and a further 80% cant view themselves in the mirror without hating themselves or feeling let down. This makes them feel that they can’t do any better in terms of finding men.

They believe they are not beautiful enough, successful or good enough, therefore, set their boundaries and look for men who match these criteria. Low self-esteem should be fought back with undertaking new activities, avoiding negative talk. The moment you are able to appreciate yourself, you will attract better men.

You fear Loneliness

The fear of being alone forces women to attract the wrong guys. Research has clearly reflected this. The idea of staying lonely is so disturbing to them in that they would prefer to stick to wrong men rather than sink in loneliness

If you can seriously consider sticking with Mr. wrong because you fear loneliness then you are ruining your own life. To add to this, you will be off the market for good men who may be after you. Tackle your fear of loneliness and you might just land the right one

Commitment is your worst nightmare

Most ladies fear commitments to the extent that they would spoil their chances by going after men who hold no future commitment traits and in turn they don’t get heartbroken.

Others end up with wrong guys to run away from responsibilities that come with a good relationship. There are ways to handle your fear of commitment. Get out of your comfort zone and open up to new adventures, make new friends. There will be risks of course but remember it’s only through risks that we get rewards.

You believe you can change your man

These women believe they can change their men. The clothes they wear, behavior, their food, their career, smoking habits and so on. Slow down. The only thing you will ever change in a man is their relationship status, to single.

Therefore, look for guys who fit in your requirements rather falling for any man than trying o change them. You can never change a man, always remember that. You can, however, determine which man you want to go after.

You have misplaced priorities

Always falling or wrong men?  You need to review your criteria for picking out men. Maybe you focus a lot on his looks, or his money, or even his car, then you forget important things like character, ethics, and beliefs.

Talk to your inner self and decide on what you’re looking for. Once you have made up your mind as to whether it’s his looks, behavior or money, then you can go for it.

You overlook important things

Another reason as to why you have toxic men in a relationship with you. Maybe you ignore when he talks rudely or when he is not honest. These are actually the key indicators that this is not the right man for you.

The need to spend all the time with you or take your relationship very quickly are also red flags you need to look out for. Do not overlook these things, pay close attention to each and every action that makes you uncomfortable.

Your childhood upbringing

Research has proven that people pick partners who share the character with their opposite-sex parent

Most women unknowingly look for men with negative traits with a parent in order to try to make right what they faced in their early years. If your father was never friendly, you tend to look for a man of the same traits.

You are trapped in a bad relationship cycle

Look at your past relationships. Do they indicate a trend? Do the men all share the same characters?

Most women are trapped in these cycles of toxic relationships and end up disappointed. first, you need to accept the fact that you’re trapped, then figure a way out. Set your relationship standards and you might just meet the right man

Drama queen

If you love the attention brought about by drama, you will mostly fall for Mr. Wrong. You complicate simple situations and overreact to almost everything. They, therefore, seek so immature egocentric men, who will give them the attention required.

Drama is used by most people to mark their significance. If you’re a drama queen, therefore, work on your ego and self-esteem, and let people in.

Mr. Right is still out there for you

Maybe you haven’t really put yourself out there. Dating is not your priority or your past comes into play and messes with your feelings.

Don’t fear to sign up on dating sites. Create time for dating. In short, show some effort in trying to meet Mr. Right.

Time to bid farewell to Mr. wrong

Low self-esteem, improper priorities, ignoring red flags and drama are some of the reasons women find themselves with Mr. Wrong. Now that you know this, its time to close the chapter for these toxic men and move on. Mr. Right is not far away.

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