Healing a Broken Heart

Healing a Broken Heart

If you have experienced a breakup, chances are you have a broken heart.  Mending the broken heart can help you to heal and to move on.

You have to accept that you will go through pain, especially since you loved your ex.  It is natural to feel sad about this.

The problem with people that have a broken heart is that it takes a long time for some of them to get over things and this can cause you to have a mental pain.  This habit has to be broken.

You have to be strong and you have to know that pain can become unhealthy and you need to stop obsessing about your ex and about things that have caused you hurt.

Change Your Mindset

You have to change the habits and mindset that makes you think about your ex.  You have to find things that feel different and make changes to give yourself a new environment for love.  These changes do not have to be permeant but just until you heal.

Change Your thoughts

You need to find new things to think about.  Find ways to build yourself up and to have different feelings and beliefs about things.  Find relationships that bring you joy land happiness and view the breakup as a good thing.

Think About Your Relationship

Look at your relationship from a different point of view.  Think about why you broke up and what judgements you made about yourself and your ex.

Think of someone that you love and imagine what they would say about your breakup.

Look at the differences and see if you feel happier.  Look at your relationship from a different light.

People who are able to make it past difficulties can see their life form a better point of view and determine the outcome of happiness for themselves.

Change Your Feelings About Him

Change how you feel about your ex and how you represent him.  Control how you think of him and do this so that you can imagine them to be a kind person and not your enemy.

You have to always change your imagination to be happy.

Change How You Feel About Your Past

Look at your past and see if you can change how you feel about it.

Imagine what it would be like if you were happy.  Think about your ex and imagine what he is wearing and take note of how it makes you feel.

If you could imagine them differently then you should try that now.  Imagine that your ex makes you feel different than you feel now.

Imagine that you have something better and that you are no longer sad.  Think about your memories and find ones that make you feel good.


Take care of the problem of your broken heart.  List the occasions that your ex caused you to feel love.  Take those memories and drain them out so that you are no longer sad or emotional over it.

Change the memory so that it is good.  Think of negative things in your relationship and give the moment back.

Know how that made you feel and put them away.  Think about all the bad experiences and exercise on getting rid of them.  Do this for the next couple of weeks.


Understand that you will have emotions.  You will not stop feeling pain of you are not coping.

Use the emotions to get rid of the pain.  Let your feelings shine and understand where they are coming from.  See if your feelings involve pain, anger and resentment.

Find Love Again

Know that you can find love again.  You have to make yourself feel this and believe it.  If you are afraid, get rid of that and stop being afraid of what you cannot change.

Be Happy Again

Give yourself a boost and imagine a good future.  Open the door to the world of the future that is past your heartbreak.  Know where you are going.  Step into the world that makes you happy.

Imagine this and believe it.  In heart break, you do not let your emotions go, let them go.  Let your heart protect you and get you a new life.

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