Empaths and Narcissists: A Toxic Combo

Empaths and Narcissists: A Toxic Combo

When two people come together, one highly empathetic and the other lacking all empathy, toxicity will reign.

A narcissist is a polar opposite to an empath. While its true that opposites can attract, when such extreme core dynamics are in opposition, a healthy relationship is an impossibility. Narcissists are attracted to empaths because empaths absorb energy. Narcissists see them as a way to have their every need met.

Narcissists are emotionally wounded and continue the cycle of pain by damaging those around them. On the other hand, empaths are healers by nature and will do all they can to heal others. This is true with a narcissist who does not even want the help. This is in part because an empath sees the pain behind the mask a narcissist wears and uses this as a way to forgive them repeatedly.

We must remember, we are not able to fix another person or force them to see their potential. They must be willing to make their own choices toward betterment, but most narcissists do not recognize this need. An empath who is with a narcissist will eventually be drained of energy and left exhausted and powerless. They may then find it difficult to leave.

A narcissist, who often presents a false, charming self at first, is draw to an empath who will be fully devoted to them. This will last awhile, but eventually, the narcissist will become punishing and cold toward the empath. The empath may think this is all in their head and try to remedy the overall situation, this causes further problems. An empath will continue to try to fix a problem that the narcissist does not believe is a problem. This is a losing battle. Narcissists are only in relationships for their own gain and will use an empath completely up.

Empaths tend to be genuine and expect others to be the same way. A first encounter with a narcissist will be an eye opener. Though empaths, given time to recharge, can tolerate a great deal, a narcissist will eventually push them to their limits. The healthy give and take of a relationship will never be present.

When it is time to leave, empaths need to remember their own strength. The empath must understand that the narcissist and their behaviors are not a reflection of the empath’s personality or abilities.

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