How to Do a Karmic Cleanse to Release Bad Karma

Karmic Cleanse

Karma never lets you know when it is going to show up and karma is not always negative. Even though it seems like we want to avoid bad karma, karma is there to help to teach us a lesson and help us to be the best that we can be.

In the Sanskrit words, karma is defined as cause and affect and it means that whatever a person does in his or her life will come back to them as karma, rather good or bad. This applies to both actions and thoughts.

Everyone has power in their life to do good things and to have good experiences and people also have the choice to make things negative. Individuals have the choice to make poor choices and when they do this, it will cause their life to be regretted later. This is why it is important to listen to your heart because your heart knows when to do the right thing.

The universe will allow things to come back to you and this is so that you can learn and be taught how to have a better life. Karma is there to help you reach your better self and to be more compassionate and kinder with others.

Instead of offending people and dealing with bad karma, change your thought pattern and learn to be more compassionate and caring.

Steps to Have a Karmic Cleanse

Here are some ways you can have a karmic cleanse:

Be Thankful

Learn to be thankful for everything in your life, both good and bad.


Do tings with a loving heart, no matter what others have done for you.


Make sure you have the right motives when you do things.


Check to see if you have a good attitude and you aren’t being negative or angry.


Learn to forgive yourself and others.

When someone comes to you and is mean or angry, send your love and light to them. These people might be sick or stressed out and they are just taking their problems out on others.

This works the same when someone is being negative around you. Learn to be positive regardless.

The different developments that you make in your life will help you to have better karma and help you to get rid of negative karma.

This can work for you and help you to improve your relationships and help you to make new friends. Being kind and loving is one way that you can generate abundance in your life.

When you are kind and generous, you can have good luck but if you have bad luck, you aren’t being punished because karma comes when it wants to. It never works on your schedule so handle things better this time.

Refuse to get mad and do not try to get even but learn to do better and rise above the bad karma. Find your success in yourself and let good karma follow you.

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