Loving Someone that is Detached

Loving Someone that is Detached

When you deal with someone that is detached then you will fall in love and even if he marries you and commits to you, chances are you will not have anyone to communicate with.  You will have a hard time having real communication and him showing you affection.

In the beginning, a man that is emotionally detached will try to win you over and will want your love and your commitment.  He will call you and text you and give you gifts.  He will never forget to take you out or ask you for sex.

He seems to be present with you, but you will never have true intimacy with him.  Even though you know this, the way that he chases you will cause you to fall for him.  When you settle into this relationship, you will see that he will quit treating you like a queen and he will become detached towards you.

Pulling Away

He will stop wanting to talk to you and he will check his messages while you are alone.  He will find new hobbies and work so that he doesn’t have to cuddle or give you affection.  He will be basically non-existent in your life and he will no longer put you in front of what he is doing and will ignore your feelings.

He will still remember when your birthday is and your anniversary and will be nice to your kids and parents, will go to church with you and be good with his money.  He won’t say mean things to you, but you will feel that he is not part of the relationship.

When you tell him that you aren’t getting your needs met, he will be upset with you and it can cause you to argue.

If he would express his affection for you then you could tolerate the way he treats you emotionally.


When you argue with him, it will be one sided and you will be the one that always brings out criticizing thoughts and you will get to the point where he will shut down completely and hope you just get over it.

You will never get an apology from him even when he is at fault.  He will have excuses for his behavior and will be unkind about it.  You will have to apologize and not express your hurt feelings.

When you can no longer stand that he is emotionally withdrawn, you will get to the point where you threaten to leave and he won’t even put up a fight.

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