How to Deal with Ghosting When Dating

How to Deal with Ghosting When Dating

The dating game is tough as is, but when you meet someone that piques your interest and they suddenly disappear, you have been ghosted. Whether they did a slow fade type of ghosting or a sudden icing out with all communication suddenly ceasing and being blocked, it is hard to take. It can become almost an obsession to find out why this happened. You may replay conversations, reread texts, and think over every interaction you have ever had with the person to find clues that may or may not exist. Instead of playing sad dating detective, try these ways to deal with being ghosted by someone.

Accept It

With all the technology we have today it is sometimes easier to simply cut someone out of our lives digitally than to have a real heart to heart, face to face conversation. Sadly, ghosting is now a new, and cold, way of breaking up. Ghosting is becoming all too common and this is something you just need to accept. Of it this way, if the person was not mature enough to face you and talk, then you may not really be missing much. Accept it and move on.

Don’t Take it Personally

As mentioned in the first tip, being ghosted is not so much a reflection of you, but of the other person and their lack of maturity. Ghosting is a coward’s way of leaving a relationship without having to discuss anything. While it is hard not to take it personally, you are probably not the first person they have done it to, nor will you be the last. Recognize that many things will remain unknown and there is nothing to do about it.

Be Better

Being ghosted by someone we like or were dating can bring out anger, frustration, and even heartache at extreme levels. Instead of reacting and lowering yourself to the same immature levels, opt to take the high road. Do not let that anger fuel the need to send a nasty text, spread rumors, or start leaving multiple messages. This is a real challenge, but you can hold yourself to higher standards. Vent to a close friend or two that you trust if necessary, but don’t waste time pursuing someone who is so disrespectful.

Find Someone New

Being ghosted can shatter our self-confidence, but it can also make us stronger and smarter if we view it in the right light. Get back out into the dating world and have some fun. Remember not to bring the past with you as you meet someone new. Just because you have been ghosted once does not mean every future partner will be the same way. Don’t ever let one person’s immaturity in ghosting, ruin your chances of finding something meaningful.

Learn from It

Ghosting is never pleasant on either end. As you move forward, think twice before you ghost someone yourself. If you have ghosted in the past and now been ghosted, you understand how it feels. Learn from the experience and start being honest with people, having adult conversations, instead of simply disappearing. Behaving maturely is much better than becoming a ghost.

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