Overcome the Fear of Losing Someone You Love

Overcome the Fear of Losing Someone You Love

Going into a relationship can be fearful and many people are afraid of the relationship ending. New relationships take work, and they can end right away if people are not compatible like they should be.

It is a good idea to make sure that you keep your heart guarded and slow down and let things go slow until you see where the relationship is going to take you. This might be a long-term relationship, but you need to go slow and see what happens.

If you are afraid, you cannot let fear and stress come into the relationship or it will turn something good into bad. You might be fearful because you have had too many relationships that ended badly or maybe you have parents that had a bad divorce, and you are afraid of that. There are other reasons that you might be fearful of being in a relationship, but you have to let this fear go. When you let this fear go, you will see that having a good relationship can happen.

Know Your Fear

The first thing that you have to do is to admit that you are afraid. Admit that you know that you are fearful and figure out why. Why do you choose to push people out of your life? Do you always want to fight with people? Fear is something that is going to dig deep into you and if you want to work through it, you have to acknowledge why you are afraid.

Doing this will allow you to make good decisions and will help you to know how you can move forward. Take time to look at yourself and if you are afraid, write down the reasons why.

Adapt Emotions

Some people think it is better to lose love than to have never loved at all and even though that is a corny piece of poetry, the truth is, it is true. It is better to take risks and to find love and the less you play things safe, the more chances that you have to find the perfect partner for yourself.

Even if you get with someone and get married and have kids, and then if they leave you, at least you have had a good run and a lot of fun along the way. You never really lose anything, and you just have to change your emotions to figure that out.

Stop putting a wall up when you talk to people and when you want to meet someone. Not everyone is going to hurt you.

The reactions of fear and stress in a relationship will come back to hurt you. If you want to be with a partner that loves you, you have to make sure that you are willing to connect with this person. If you love someone, you will open up yourself even if you end up hurt.

Allow yourself to be compassionate and tear down the walls that you have built and allow love to come to you.

Past Losses

You need to admit that past losses might be holding you back. You need to take time to think these things over so that you can make sure you are over them and you can move forward.

Put in an effort to move forward in your life and to let your old relationships go. You cannot take an old relationship into a new relationship anyways and you need to be open about this.

It is easier to talk about this than to actually get over someone but learn to accept that these things happened and learn to move on to someone that is new. This will take time and will be hard but once you do it, your life will be better.


Being afraid of losing someone can cause there to be fights and arguments between couples. If you are insecure, chances are that your partner feels like you do not trust them. Be mindful of how you talk to your partner and when you lash out and why.

Your partner might feel that you are being unfair, and your insecurities can make you be unfair. Let your partner know why you are fearful and why you are hurt about things. Once you can point out your insecurities, you can move forward.

Open Communication

You have to be willing to talk to your partner and to admit things that are not perfect in your life. If you want to have a good relationship and you want to be with someone that will stay, talk about your insecurities. Let your partner know what is bothering you and what their actions do to you. If they do certain things to you that hurt your feelings, let them know that it hurts your feelings and why.

If you do things that make them feel insecure, change that, and make ways to adapt to your relationship together in a healthy way. Accept the chances and be willing to talk about things and to change in both ways. Be honest with your partner.

Do not let your fear of being in a relationship ruin something good.


If you have done all that you can and you still feel afraid, get help. Talk to a family member or a friend. If you still feel down or that you cannot move forward, talk to a therapist. See if your partner will do couple counseling with you. Talk to a friend or a pastor and see if they can help you to move forward and to get rid of fear in your relationship.

Being afraid of losing someone is a common feeling but you need to stop relying on that to happen and learn to be happy in your relationship. Accept that this can happen and learn to move forward and have fun with your partner.

There is help for you and you are not alone. If you find that you need to talk to a therapist, find a reputable one in person or online. They will make time for you and help you work through your feelings.

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