How to Tell if He is Into You

How to Tell if He is Into You

Ladies are always wondering if the person that they like really likes them back or not. This happens more when they have had bad relationship experiences, and this makes it hard for them to trust people.

It is important if you are in this situation that you understand how complicated it can be to understand the feelings of others. The guy you are interested might say one thing and then act differently or you might decipher what they are saying as something totally different.

If his actions are good you will have an easier time understanding him but if you are tired of wondering if he is about your or not then you need to figure out what he really feels and what he is thinking.

Wouldn’t it be easier in life if you were with someone that you could automatically understand their feelings and their thoughts? If you feel this way, there are ways that you can tell by how he is acting rather he likes you or not.

There are some signs and characteristics of someone that is falling for you and you can tell by his actions and by his body language as to what he is really feeling.

If you want to stop overthinking things, here are some signs that you can look for to see if he likes you or not:

Calls or Texts First

When a guy likes you, he will want to contact you and spend time talking to you. You can tell he is thinking about you when he texts you or calls you so that he can hear your voice.

This means he isn’t playing games and he wants you to know how he feels.


He wants to make plans with you because he wants to spend time with you laughing and having fun. He goes out of his way to get to know who you are and will never be too busy to spend time with you.

You will know he likes you when he makes you a priority in his life. When he prepares a date, he will look his best so that you can be proud to have him beside you.


His eyes will tell it all. If he sees you and raises his eyebrows, chances are he likes what he sees.

Eye Contact

A guy that likes you will not be able to take his eyes off of you. He will want you to see him looking at you and he will want to observe every part of you.

He will keep eye contact because he is loving how you look and your personality.


When he likes you, he will do whatever he can to get to know you. He will call you back when you do not answer, and he will always hope that you are there to talk to him.

You will be a queen to him, and you will be worth his time.


He will not be like other guys that you have been with, but he will listen to you in everything you say. He will not half listen or be on his phone, but he will give you all of his attention.

Having a conversation with him will be easy and carefree.

Opens Up

Getting a man to open up is hard but if one likes you, he will do what he can so that you can get to know him. He will be open to you and he will try to figure out if you are into him as much as he is into you.

Helps You

A guy that likes you will do whatever you need him to do. He will always be there for you because he wants to help you and because he wants to be there for you.

He can help you work, or he can give you good advice. He will be his happiest when you are happy, and he will want to be there to protect you.

His Family

When he likes you, he will want you to meet all of the important people in his life. He will introduce you to his family and it is because he wants them to see how beautiful and great you are.


Mirroring your behavior means that he is sharing your attitudes and behaviors and he is doing what he thinks will please you.

When you see a guy and he is intimidating you, this can be happening because he likes you.


Someone that is happy to be around you likes to be with you. If you see him smiling and laughing and being himself around you, chances are he likes you and he isn’t faking it.

Future Plans

He talks about being with you and trying new things with you. He wants to talk about the future and make plans with you in his life.

He wants to enjoy you and spend time with you in the future.

Beside You

Guys will walk with you if they like you. They put themselves in a position so that you cannot be hurt. He is concerned with you more than himself.

Complementing You

Complementing someone is a sign that he likes you. If he talks about how you dress and your personality, chances are that he thinks you are beautiful, and he loves to be with you.

Leans In

When a guy likes you, he will lean into you when he talks to you. He will use his body language to show how he feels about you and how excited he is to be by you.

He wants you to know all about him and what makes him tick. He wants to know what your opinions are and all of your favorite things.


He will touch your shoulders, your leg, your back and do so in a subtle manner.

When you are in a restaurant, for example, he will lay his hands on your shoulder or touch your knee. He will want you to touch him as well.

He wants to feel your touch so he can keep getting as close to you as possible.


Boys have always been known to tease girls and this continues even towards adulthood.

If a guy teases you then chances are, he likes you and wants to see you blush.


Science tells us that when a person points their feet towards you then they like you. If your guy is doing this, it means his body language is showing you that he likes you.

A guy that is interested in you will point his feet in your direction and this is a subconscious movement that is a sign he is into you.


He will treat you differently than other people he is around when he likes you. The difference might be small, but it will be there, and this is because he wants to impress you.

He will be gentleman like towards you and he will do things to make you smile.


When a guy likes you, he will talk to you gently. He will do this just like a mom does to her babies. Men that like you will soften their voice and will soften their heart to you.

If your guy is doing this then he is crazy about you and wants you to know this.

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