Signs that Define Your Relationships

Signs that Define Your Relationships

Sometimes it is hard to realize if you are dating or if you are just hooking up with someone. You know that you are friends, but you spend all of your time together and you do things that couples do such as going to the movies or out to eat. You spend a lot of time at each other’s houses and you spend a lot of time together. Even though you both say that you are not together, what is really going on.

When you are at different stages of your house, you keep doing things that you want to do. You don’t officially say that you are in a relationship, but chances are you need to look to see what the relationship means to you.

Confide in Him

If you are always confiding in this guy and rushing to tell him the news, chances are you like him more than you know. When he knows all of your secrets, this is a sign.

Seeing Each Other

When you spend each weekend together, you know that you will be doing something like watching movies or going someplace. You won’t make weekend plans without him.


If you know all of your friends and he is the person you like to be with, chances are that you have bonded with his friends as well and you enjoy hanging out with him.

Thinking About Him

When you think about him all the time or wonder what he is doing, chances are you are feeling deeper than you knew.

Going Away

When you are making plans about going away for a weekend or a vacation, this is a big sing that you are more than just hooking up.


If you don’t want to have sex with anyone but him, you might be interested in having a relationship.

Him Finding Someone

If you get bent out of shape when you think about him meeting someone else, you might be in love.

Being Yourself

When you can be yourself in front of him and they are comfortable around you, you could be more than friends. When you feel that you can fart or go places together without your makeup on, you know he likes you no matter what you look like.


If he has met your parents and you have met his, does it mean you are in a relationship?

Life Without Him

You cannot imagine your life without him. He is the one that makes you laugh and the one that tells you how pretty and fun you are.

You love to spend time with him, and you feel like your life is good and that you two are good to be together.


The best advice is to ask the person that you are with what they are thinking and what they want in life. See if they are interested in you like you are in them.

Allow the conversation to take place so that you can know if you need to hush your feelings or if you need to let him go before it is too late and you get your heart broken.

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