After a Ghosting

After a Ghosting

The term “ghosting” means that someone pretends to be all in to you, maybe you have went out on a few dates or maybe you are just talking but then all of a sudden they disappear, never say anything and leave you hanging.  Even though you might be mad at the person that ghosted you, chances are that you might still want to have a sexual or romantic relationship with them.

Wanting to continue a relationship with them usually happens after they come back begging to be with you, leaving you annoyed but excited.  You will wonder if you should give them a second chance or not.

Ghosting can be something that hurts you and can be hard in any relationship.  It can lead you to feeling not good enough, sad, depressed and stressed.  This can even come with grief such as losing someone.  This feeling can leave you with low self-esteem and distress.

You might want to keep someone like this far away from you, at least for the most part.  People that are ghosted will keep living their life and those that do it will send an apology that might easily be forgiven.  They will email you or ask you, “What’s up?”  If you have a ghost date that texts you after a long time, don’t feel bad asking why they are messaging you.

Don’t be an easy target or allow them to have behavior that they think should be pushed under the rug.  Do not allow anyone to ghost you or mistreat you.  Acting like it didn’t matter is setting yourself up for them to do it again.

On the other hand, you can have a reason to forgive them, especially if you have only been talking to them for a little bit.  This can depend on how hurt you were or how invested in the relationship that your emotions are.

If there is no history of them treating you like this before, allow them to explain and then forgive and move on.  Sometimes there are reasons that people will ghost someone that are understandable.  They might have been out of state or had family things to take care of.

If they give you a good apology, make sure that they acknowledge what they have done to you and that they are remorseful for their actions.  Make sure that you expect their behavior to change and for it not to happen again.

Even if you are with them just for sex, do not allow them to hurt you.  Do not send out messages to them that are called bread crumbing or messages that show that you are flirting but you are not committed.  A breadcrumb can feel like you are leading them on so do not do this.

If you are not into the dating period and you don’t want to date regularly, bread crumbing is just like ghosting and can leave you feeling bad about investing in a relationship.  If someone ghosts you and comes back into your life, make sure that you are cautious and that you are careful where you put your energy.

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