Ten Tips For Showing Hubby You Really Care

Over the years my relationship with my husband has changed, transitioned, travelled up, down, around and inside out to the place it is today. And I’ve learned a thing or two about love and respect in marriage.  After 30 years I’ve gained some insight so I’ll share some tidbits.


1- Just love him for who he is not what he does. God created that man of yours and God don’t make no junk.

2- Don’t let the little things bother you. Choose your battles. Some things just don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

3- Tell him your ambitions, dreams and hopes for the future even if he pretends he’s not listening. He is…

4- Tell him how much you appreciate all he does to care for your family. Often.

5- Let him have control of the remote. Do you really have a choice anyway?

6- Make an effort to do the little things you know he likes. I fix a pot of coffee every morning before he goes to work. No big deal you say?  Well I even go one step further and fill his thermal coffee cup for him.

7- Try to “get into” the stuff he likes. I used to hate football. One day I realized we had less in common than I thought, so I began watching football with him. I really tried to understand the game. Low and behold I LOVE college football and have a favorite team I root for every year.

8- Send an endearing email or text a few times a week. He’ll know you’re thinking of him.

9- Help him stay healthy or become healthy. Even if it comes down to persistently encouraging (some call this nagging) him to do the right thing. He knows you love him. My hubs asked why I nag him so much about his eating habits and exercise. I said, ” I need you at least  50 more years. I can’t stand the thought of living life without you.” He got it.

10- Laugh at and with him. Having fun together builds companionship and intimacy.

I know, I know… it sounds like I’m suggesting you spoil him. Really, I’m saying make him feel special, whatever that looks like in your relationship.

Marriage goes both ways, so tell him what you want. Women tend to think men are mind readers, not true. No crystal balls in this house. You have to speak up in the right moment and tell him what makes you happy. How else will he ever know.

I realize marriage is hard but it’s so worth the work, especially when you see results. Lasting results come from God. Seek His counsel. He’ll lead you in every way, just ask.

Got any ideas you want to share? Speak up girls! and guys.

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