Use Me Even Though I Am Worn Out. (one minute devotion)

I love the intricacies of this church in Charleston. The steeple appears aged and worn but still the beauty of it draws me. This place gives me a feeling of solace and peace. I imagine within its walls many people have found the answers to questions they have long been seeking.  Character and purpose seep through the flaking paint and sun dried wood.

Sometimes  I feel like this church; used, dried up and weary. As life comes barreling toward me at an accelerated rate I want to retreat and crawl under the covers. But like this old church I continue to stand and want to be the heartbeat of God to those around me.

I also have unique characteristics and purpose as this church does. And as this faded old building is a light in the city of Charleston I too can be a place of refuge for hurting, bleeding souls. As Christ lives in and through me I will emerge as a woman offering hope to the world. Thank You Father that You would consider using me today. Penetrate the walls of my being with your rays of Sonshine so they will see Your truth and love.

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