Ways to Tell if He is Interested

Ways to Tell if He is Interested

When you are in the dating scene, one thing you will wonder is if a guy is being nice to you or if they are really interested in you. This is a question that you might ask yourself over and over and you might not know how to react or what to do.

Sometimes it is hard to decide if a guy really likes you and the signals that he gives you can be confusing. There are some actual signs that he is interested and not being nice and you need to figure these out so that you don’t end up with a broken heart. There are also many signs that prove that he is not interested in you and here are some of them:

Hanging Out

If you find that your guy is not wanting to hang out with you then he is trying to show you he is not interested without hurting your feelings.

Even in times you are alone together, and he acts uncomfortable then this is a good sign he isn’t interested.

Doesn’t Care What You Say

When a guy likes you, he always wants to have your point of view and hear what you have to say. If your guy is not interested in your stories, chances are he is not into you.

Other Women

A guy that talks about other women when you are around is showing you that he is not interested in you or that he only wants to be your friend. He may not even be aware that you like him or maybe he just doesn’t care.


If a guy you are seeing hides you from his friends and family, this is a sure sign that he does not want people to think you are together. Someone that likes you wants to show you off and if this isn’t happening, move on.

Body Language

Pay attention to how a guy reacts and communicates with you. Body language will say a lot about what someone feels about you and if he is always touching you or making eye contact, this can be a sign that he likes you. On the other hand, if he is always avoiding you or does not want to touch you, this is a sign he doesn’t like you.


A girl wants to be special in her partners life and if your guy is not treating you differently, chances are he is not that into you. If he treats you the same as he does his friends or his family, he probably does not want to be with you in the way that you want to be with him. He most likely would be happy just to be friends.

Signs He Likes You

If a guy likes you, he will show some signs. Pay close attention to how he acts.

Wants to Be Around You

A guy that likes you will want to be around you as much as he can. He is interested in everything about you and will ask questions and want to know as much about you as he can.


When someone is looking at you and their pupils dilate, it can happen when a guy likes you. If their pupils seem bigger than normally, it can mean he likes you.


When you are with someone that likes you, they will do things to change themselves for the better such as get a new suit or a new haircut. They will do things so that you will be attracted to them. He will want to impress you.


A guy that likes you will always be looking at you and want to make eye contact with you. He won’t be able to help how he feels and will want to look at you each chance he gets.

What You Say

When someone is interested in you, they hang on your every word. They will listen o the small details and will not be able to get enough of what you are saying. He will listen to you and ask questions and want to enjoy all parts about you.

Guys that are just being nice will not want to listen to all the detail and might just nod or answer because they are not that interested.

Standing Up for You

A guy that is into you will stand up for you if someone talks about you in a negative way. They will not let anyone hurt you and they will go out of their way to keep you safe.


When a guy likes you, he will not want to lose you to someone else. If he hasn’t said he likes you yet, you will know if he is jealous of someone that you talk about. A guy that doesn’t like you will have no reason to be jealous.


A guy that is crazy about you will want you to be part of his life. He will want you to meet his family and his friends and he will introduce you to everyone he meets.

He will go about his day thinking about you and talking about you and will want to communicate with you as long as he can each day.


When someone likes you, they will put you in their future talk and they will want to make sure that you are part of their near future and they’re not so near future.

Acts Different

When a person is into you, they will treat you differently. They will go out of their way to impress you and will maybe act nervous or clumsy. They will try to be the best that they can be, and they will treat you different than they do others.


You being happy will be the most important thing from a guy that likes you. He will go out of his way to do things to show that you are important to him and he will find things to do that will make you happy.

Nothing that he does will be too much if it is for you and he will want to make your wishes and dreams come true.


Everything that you do will be important to someone that likes you. They will want you to follow your dreams and they will support you along the way. If you get upset, they will be there to help raise you up and they will show their care for you in all situations.

A guy that likes you will always be by your side and will not leave you or let you out of his sight.


Make sure that you have the courage to be straightforward with someone you are interested in. If you want to know for sure if they like you or not, ask them.

Being rejected is always a worry, but you deserve to know if someone wants to be with you or not. It is easy to mix up feelings and to wonder if someone is attracted to you or if they want to just be nice to you.

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