Is the Person Your Dating Serious About You?

Is the Person Your Dating Serious About You?

If you are searching for a serious, long-term relationship, you likely want the person you are dating to feel the same way. If they say they do not want that, believe them because they are not ready to be serious. Though you may never be completely sure that someone is serious or not, there are some signs that who you are dating does not want anything serious. If you start to see these signs, talk to your partner to clarify things.

They Told You They Did Not Want to be Serious

Though it should be obvious, if the person you started dating said they were not looking for anything serious, believe them. We all want to be able to be that one for someone who changes their mind about settling down, but that is not likely until they are really ready. If you are okay with a fling, enjoy, otherwise, you may end up heartbroken if you stay.

You are not Their Priority

When someone is truly serious, they make their partner a priority. If you are more of an afterthought, then they are not ready to be serious.

Deliberately Avoiding Family and Friends

If your partner has deliberately kept you away from family and friends, it is because they consider you a fling. Meeting the friends and family is a big step in moving from something casual to more serious. However, if their family relationship is strained or they are living a great distance from their family, this may not be the case. When someone is truly into another person, they want them to be part of their whole life which will lead to introducing you to those in their closest circle.

Refuse to Discuss the Future

When you are truly serious about someone, you start making future plans. This does not necessarily mean planning a wedding or discussing new shared living arrangements, but if they will not plan a weekend trip a month in advance, then it is not a good sign. This shows you are not a priority and they are not sure you will still be together.

They are not Really Present

When you spend time together, both of you should be emotionally and mentally present. If the person you are with is rarely focused on you or seems distracted when you are together, it can indicate they do not want anything very serious.

They Do Not Want to Meet Your Family

Meeting one another’s social and familial circles is a big step in a relationship. If your partner is not that interested in meeting yours, then it is not a great sign. Pay attention to the early stages of dating to see how you are really treated, especially when the passion and fun start to fade a bit. Address any needs you have early on.

Slow to Respond

Though not everyone can be available all the time, if your partner keeps postponing or cancelling dates or taking forever to answer texts and calls, it could mean they are not that invested. You may not want to waste any more time on someone who does not have time for you.

They Have Never Been Serious

There is always a chance that someone who has previously only had flings is ready to settle down or vice versa, if they have never been interested in a serious relationship it may not happen with you either. How people have acted in past relationships is a good indicator about how they will continue to act. While people can change, make sure to have an open discussion with your partner to see what page they are on and what you want to happen. If you cannot find a happy medium, then separate to do what is best for both of you.

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