When Finding Mr. Right isn’t Working for You

When Finding Mr. Right isn’t Working for You

Being single can certainly be fun but sometimes people get tired of being single and they want to find a real relationship. They will go out and look for Mr. Right but it can quickly become frustrating and boring to be on a search for someone that is hard to find.

Here are some things you can do when finding Mr. Right isn’t working for you:

Taking a Break

Take a break from trying to find the perfect man and get into a real relationship with someone. Stop looking for someone that you think will be perfect and learn to settle with someone that makes your life fun.

If It’s Meant to Be

If you are meant to be with someone then destiny will help you find them. Learn to give up some control in your dating world and see what life brings you.

Let Him Look for Me

When you feel that you are tired of looking, stop looking and let Mr. Right look for you. He will come to you and if you wait around and go out and have fun, you will meet someone.

The One

There is someone out there that is perfect for you. You need to be with someone that is perfect for you and know that this doesn’t mean they are going to be perfect people. This person will have flaws and will make mistakes but so will you. Have trust that you are meant to be together and you will find them.

Spending Money

Stop going out every weekend and spending a bunch of money at the bar or coffee shops. If you do these things, go for the right reason such as to hang out with friends. If you are doing stuff to find someone learn to be alone and have fun. Make dinner at home and watch a movie with your favorite blanket.


Going to the bar gets tiring because not only do you spend money, but you also have a hard time making good conversation. Drinking can be fun but there are better things you can do than spending your time at the bar.

Find men other places that are healthier such as at the gym or at the grocery store.

Girls Nights

Life should not be about finding a man. Learn to go out and just have fun. Hang out with your friends and spend time laughing and enjoying the company of your tribe. Start hanging out with the girls again and see what happens.


Find family and friends to support you. Learn to be entertained by people in your home or visit your family or friends where they live.

Most people are busy, and it is hard to fit people in your schedule but take time to be with people that love you and focus on who you are.


You should never have to change who you are to find a man. There are many amazing qualities that anyone would be lucky to have with you. Relationships are hard but you have to learn to appreciate who you are and to find someone else that will appreciate you.


Life is hard and busy and going out searching for Mr. Right can be hard. Take time for yourself and let your journey take you to where you should be. If you feel burned out, focus on your energy, and learn to be happy with being single.

Keep your eyes and your ears open and let the universe bring the perfect person for you.

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