Ways of wanting a man without being needy

Ways of wanting a man without being needy

Let’s have a look at what needing him looks like.

  • It looks like requesting him to cook for you or bring you a cup of tea.
  • It looks like making him fix all the machines that need fixing in the house or anything that requires male energy.
  • Looks like accepting his offer to give you a ride to the hospital or picking you up for a date instead refusing.
  • Seeking for his approval mostly on important decisions that you want to make.
  • It looks like letting him be a parent especially a father and trusting him the role without correcting him every time and checking on him.

Needing a man, therefore, is all about letting him do all the things for you, your relationship and your children while you are just in your comfort zone and not feeling weird or uncomfortable about it.

Men love to be needed, that’s the truth. Men feel good when we ask them to do something for us.  Therefore,

On the contrary to “needing a man.” Which is a very important skill in a relationship, let’s have a look at what “being needy” looks like:

You depend on him for survival.

  • You can’t make little decisions on your own but holds onto his sleeve to solve every problem in your life.
  • Your own happiness depends on him.
  • You want his attention all the time.
  • You look up to him to bring joy and satisfaction in your life.

The above things are what men run away from. It kills their affection.  Therefore, next time when you are on a date or in a relationship be keen to tell the difference between needing him or being needy.

This is my clue on how you can figure this for yourself.

Those in needing mode feel relaxed and not disturbed. They are just there to receive it.

When in needy mode, you feel disturbed, confused and tensed.

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