How to attract a good guy

How to attract a good guy

Dating is not easy for everyone, however, there is always a specific lady who only attract wrong guys repeatedly. She’s the one who’ll always cry after trusting another stupid man with her heart.

Its time to find out why you think your single status might be due to lack of good men. Blaming the opposite sex is easier but it’s frequently your behavior that always leads to you dating bad boys one after the other.

We are not able to change our environment as well as the people that live around us. Nevertheless, we can try to transform our behaviors, decisions and how we react.

Below are ways you can attract a good guy and keep him:

  1. Don’t play games.

You look like you are uninterested but when he doesn’t call you to get mad. Men can’t read minds. If you want him to stay, then you should let him know that.

  1. Rather than keeping your options open, give the guy a real chance.

We all can see what’s outside there on twitter, Facebook or even tinder. However, if you are truly in need of a serious relationship, you need to put your phone down and pay attention to one man at a time.

  1. Refrain from posting pictures that you are supposed to be texting.

You post photos of yourself in lingerie to get a man’s attention, and then, unfortunately, he is not interested in you. Do not post private photos on Instagram unless your job requires you to be always in a bikini. In any case, you’re in a serious relationship, you should save those photos for a private conversation with your man.

  1. Have respect for yourself.

Would you expect the guy to respect you if you don’t respect yourself? Anyone will appreciate a girl who knows her worth and what she wants. In any case, you’re trying to locate a good guy by getting wasted all night, chances are you’ll only attract guys who are not serious.

  1. Don’t tell him what you think he wants to hear, but tell him how you feel.

You need to tell him, “I don’t want this relationship” rather than, “I wonder how long it will take before he makes it official” because this is what you are thinking. If you inform a man that you don’t want anything serious, he will trust that. This, therefore, doesn’t mean you rush things like planning your wedding, you should take time and see the progress of the relationship. A relationship will only function if both of you are on the same page.

  1. Be vulnerable.

Admitting to a guy that you have been hurt in the past and is not looking for a casual hookup is ok. This guy wasn’t right for you in the first place if this scared him off. A good guy will try to bring you closer together and will value your feelings.

  1. Do not compete with him.

A relationship will not work if both of you have ego especially of waiting on each other. If you want a serious relationship, you need to be open and refrain from competing with your man.

  1. Respect him and his time.

Do not cancel plans that had been made the last minute. He asked you out, you should go. Make an effort for the guy that make an effort for you unless it’s something that you can’t avoid. That’s the kind of a man you should date, not those that make you look desperate for their time and attention.

  1. Don’t make him pay for the mistakes of those who were there before him.

Several individuals have experienced pain in the past, but carrying that into your new relationship can spoil everything. Trust is very important in a relationship; you shouldn’t assume things.

  1. Be honest about yourself.

Be yourself rather than trying to change who you are. A good guy will love you for who you are and not who you are pretending to be. Do not forget that truth always comes out, therefore, do not lie about yourself to appear more desirable.

  1. Make him feel comfortable if you invite him to go out with you.

If you have an event and you invite him, make him feel comfortable. It’s very essential to make him feel welcome even though you might be busy. You will lose a good guy if you ditch him at a party that you invited him.

  1. Be compassionate.

It’s good to be nice. Support your new guy if he’s going through a hard time rather than acting disinterested. We always act cool and forget these little things.

  1. Create new memories together.

We all have that ex-boyfriend that meant a lot to us but talking about him every day makes the new man uncomfortable. If you talk about your ex every time, it means you are not making time for your new guy he won’t, therefore, stick around for long.

  1. Have your own life.

Having your own will attract guys to you. Only an insecure man will want a lady who doesn’t have her own thing so that she depends on him. However, a good guy loves a woman who can do things for herself whether single or in a relationship.

  1. Be confident.

A confident lady cannot let other guys put her down because she knows what she stands for. Any bad you meet will be frightened by your confidence but a good guy will admire it.

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